State of the Ranch for April 22, 2023 — mRNA and Livestock

Dear Friends,

mRNa “vaccine” technology is in the news! I get questions almost every day as to our position on its use. At the risk of opening a can of worms I will make a few simple comments. First off, I’m not alarmed or even surprised. I suppose that from the beginning of time, there have been efforts and technologies that have tried to “shortcut” the natural system.

To me the natural system begins with soil fertility, plant diversity, clean water, plant and animal interactions, all of which build natural immunity in plants and animals. That is by the Creator’s design, if you will, and is most sustainable.

As soil fertility declined by intentional or unintentional practices, technology has tried in their profit motivated and reductionist thinking to identify the most profitable inputs to maintain or improve productions. These include the fertilization of our soil with lots of nitrogen, and sometimes some potassium and/or phosphates. It is true that these three elements maintain profitable production over the short term. But what is the cost? This technology in conjunction with continuous tillage and/or grazing has resulted in loss of soil structure, soil erosion, water contamination, loss of plant diversity, loss of soil microbes, reduced plant and animal health and ultimately nutrient deficiency in the products we eat.

So what was the next fix? Technology suggested that if we could just “enhance” the natural system with more fertilizers, more herbicide, cheaper feeds, feedlot raising of animals, hormone therapy, antibiotic therapy, vaccinations, etc. that profits could be increased. Ostensibly, this seemed to work. However, now technology suggests that we need to genetically “improve” the plants and animals going into our food system. This is where GMO plants, genetically modified animals, mRNA technologies and more are taking front and center stage. As you consider this “evolution” of our food system, keep in mind that almost all health care providers, nutritionists, dieticians, etc. will confirm that we are what we eat. Is it possible that these technologies may ultimately change what we are as individuals and as a society??? I don’t know but it is certainly something to ponder.

What to do? We have been encouraged for at least a generation now to “know your farmer” and/or buy locally. That is becoming an understatement. In addition, spend a little time keeping abreast of food production technologies. Observe farming practices. Notice how animals you consume are being raised. This approach may help you in your food buying and food consumption choices.

Hope this helps you to understand the role of mRNA therapies. If you have some specific comments or questions to share with the group, let me know.

Last but not least, we did not realize that pork spareribs had dropped off of our menu list. Several of you have asked about them. We also have a good supply of eggs and honey on hand. Last time I mentioned that we now have grassfed bison soup bones. These are a good addition to our beef bones.



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