State of the Ranch for May 1, 2023 — Our local, family owned, hands-on processors.

This morning I woke up to a glorious spring day. I love this time of year- Tulips, daffodils, lilacs, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, rich green grasses, unfurling of tree leaves, baby chicks, new calves, dew on the grass, spring showers, return of the swallows, prairie chickens booming, turkeys gobbling, new fawns, and much more. We are truly blessed with a wonderful environment.

We have had a hope- inspiring spring with small rains, bright sunshine, and pleasant temperatures.

Today we are going to do cattle chores, chicken chores, and then help a neighbor burn his pasture. I have explained about pasture burning in the past so will not add any detail today.

This week we have picked up fresh pork and fresh beef from Den’s Country Meats, our meat processor. Dennis Schardt has been in the meat processing business for over 35 years now. He is a rather small processor in Table Rock, NE and operates mostly with family members augmented by some local folks that have been trained by Den. Unlike many larger operations, Den is always on the scene. He is on the kill floor, the cutting and wrapping, as well as dealing personally with customer relationships. We are blessed to have Den as our processor.

We have brought back several of your favorite products that we run out of frequently: minute steaks, sirloin steaks and roasts, fajita meat (from the loin), stew meat, and more broth and soup bones. We have restocked our pork chops (both fresh and smoked), boneless pork loins, a few pork tenderloins, sandwich ham, ham steaks, smoked chops, pineapple/jalapeno brats, smoked polish brats with jalapeño and cheddar cheese as well as fresh grilling brats. We have conventional bacon, jowl bacon as well and totally fresh (uncured) bacon. And we have restocked lean pork belly in 3# cuts.

Last but not least, we did not realize that pork spareribs had dropped off of our menu list. Several of you have asked about them. We also have a good supply of eggs and honey on hand. Last time I mentioned that we now have grassfed bison soup bones. These are a good addition to our beef bones.

See you all soon,



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